Monday, June 20, 2011

Fairy Wings and Feral Hogs

I had an order over the weekend for some warthog cookies for a boy who was graduating from kindergarten (and yes, I know feral hogs and warthogs aren't the same thing, but that sounds catchier in the title, don't you think?). The boy asked for warthogs specially, which I thought was a bit of a strange request...I assumed he liked Pumbaa from The Lion King, because I couldn't think of any other reason why a kindergartener would want warthog cookies. Turns out he is a big fan of Discovery Channel and Animal Planet and African animals are his favorite--so there ya go! Anyway, warthogs are very strange-looking and really quite ugly. I tried my best to create a cookie that was at least a bit cute and still could be identified as a warthog; apparently the young graduate was pleased, so I count that as a success ;) Now you can judge for yourself:
I made a dozen just to put on a plate, and put a dozen more in cello bags with ribbon for the kiddos at the party to take home as favors :)

So, I was at my parents' house on Wednesday working on these (because I'm getting new countertops in my kitchen and currently have no countertops at all) when my husband called and asked if I'd have time to make a dozen Tinker Bell cupcakes for tomorrow! Our neighbors wanted to order them for their granddaughter's birthday....I knew I would still need a lot of time for the cookies, but since I'm a crazy person, I said yes. So these cupcakes were pretty last-minute; I baked and put them together Thursday morning/afternoon. Despite that, I think they came out pretty darn cute!
All the decorations are fondant; I thought I would just cut out a little Tinker Bell silhouette for a simple, quick decoration. I should know by now that the things I think will be simple and quick never really are. *Sigh* Anyway, cutting a teeny tiny Tink out of fondant with an Exacto knife is not the easiest thing to do. It doesn't help that Tink has such a small waist, or that the silhouette I chose has her weensy little arms and weensy little fairy wand sticking out. Also, once I had cut the silhouette, it wasn't totally clear that it was Tinker Bell. Since I couldn't cut out all the fine detail, like in the silhouette I had printed out, mine looked like it could have been some sort of deformed rabbit (the wings are the ears, see?). Luckily I managed to fix this pretty easily by drawing on the outline of Tink's dress, her shoes, her wand, and her hairdo. I also put some sparkle dust on her wings to make them stand out, and I am so glad I did!

Here's Tinker Bell scattering fairy dust on us all! I used a pretty floral-patterned rubber stamp to create the background. (In case you'd like to try this, place a piece of saran wrap between your stamp and the fondant; I'm not sure why, but apparently rubber stamps and fondant are not supposed to mix.)

Here's Tink among the flowers...

And here are the flowers by themselves, just because they're cute ;)

I am happy to report that the birthday girl was very pleased with these, as was her family! I'm also happy to report that I have cupcake orders every weekend for the next 5 weeks, so I should be around fairly often with new pics for you! So, see ya real soon!

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