Monday, April 18, 2011

Babies! And Late Rabbits :)

So over the weekend I made some cupcakes for a baby shower. Twins!
Aren't the babies cute all wrapped up in their little blankies? Yes, yes they are.
Awwww, tiny gumpaste babies! So sweet :)
So anyway.... there were alphabet blocks which, btw, take kind of a long time to make. In case you're thinking of making some.
Some cute little stamped plaques. Since she's having one of each, some of the cupcakes said both "It's a boy!" and "It's a girl!" The rest just said BABY and had cute ponies.
So many babies! Aaaaaaaaahhhh! (I'm not quite sure why all my pics look so fuzzy today. Sorry 'bout that.)
And here they are all together again :) These were funfetti cake with vanilla buttercream. Rather, they were supposed to be funfetti cake...but the cake store was out of jimmies, so I attempted to make funfetti using colored sugar instead. This does not work. FYI.

I had another order over the weekend for some White Rabbit cupcakes. You know, the one from Alice in Wonderland who is running terribly late for a very important date. These are lemon cupcakes frosted with white chocolate buttercream.
I chose the animated Disney White Rabbit because I like Disney, and also because he was the simplest to copy ;)
Here he is, poor guy! He's late, he's late!
I painted the pocket watches with gold luster dust...I hadn't used luster dust very much before, but this was pretty simple, and I think it turned out well :)
Happy Birthday Joey!

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