Monday, September 13, 2010

A Day at the (Cupcake) Beach

Just a quick post to show off some pictures here! ;)

I made these cupcakes for a 50th birthday last weekend. The lady who ordered them was throwing a surprise party for her sister. The sister wanted to go to the beach, but of course ended up with a party instead, so I was asked to make beach-themed cupcakes. I've only recently started working with gumpaste (it's sort of like edible modeling clay--similar to fondant, but stiffer), so I was quite pleased with with way these turned out :)

We've got a nice beach umbrella and some towels, and of course a picnic basket for a yummy lunch!
Every girl needs her accessories! I was asked to make some high heels and a handbag as well as the beach cupcakes. I wasn't sure at first how to make high heels that would be cohesive with the rest of my beachy cupcakes, but I decided on some nice espadrilles :) I added in a sun hat as well, and I actually ended up liking that the most out of all the accessories.
Then we have some sand dollars, a starfish, a crab, and a sand castle! Everything is out of proportion, but really, does anyone mind? I don't think so.
When everything was done, the sand castle was my absolute favorite piece. So here's a little extra picture of it :)
The others (like my mom and aunt) who were around all seemed to love the crab, so here's a bonus pic of him as well. He was actually fairly quick and easy, and turned out so well!
Here is everything together in the box, ready to be delivered! Happy birthday Jeanette, and I hope you loved your cupcakes!

Coming up next week: Raiders football cupcakes!

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MLE said...

I LOVE them!!!! Great AMAZING job. I love all the cupcakes you have made, you're so talented. Miss you.