Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catching Up: Halloween

I went to Disneyland for Halloween--well, not actually on Halloween, a week before. But Disneyland has awesome Halloween parties. As you can see (I hope), my friends and I dressed up as characters from Peter Pan. I'm Wendy, in the middle there. I would like to add that I made my costume myself and, as it's the first dress I've ever sewn completely independently, I'm quite proud of it! It was a ton of fun, as usual ;) My favorite part of Disney's Halloween parties is seeing everyone else's costumes. There were some really great ones :)

Oh, and I made some Halloween cupcakes!
These spooky spiders are pumpkin cake with yummy chocolate frosting. I actually made these last year as cookies. Delicious either way! The idea here is from Bakerella. If you've never been to her website, I highly suggest you check it out!
The jack-o-lanterns are opposite of the spiders: chocolate cake with pumpkin frosting!
And finally, some red velvet eerie eyeballs! I was a little less than pleased with these, but overall I guess they're okay.

Happy (very, very late) Halloween!

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