Friday, August 13, 2010

Another New Direction

I am trying (once again) to get back to blogging regularly. I left my extremely neglected Livejournal for Blogger in the midst of my engagement, in full wedding-fever mode, and started afresh here with the intent of chronicling my wedding planning and actual wedding experience. That pretty much failed miserably. After the wedding, I shifted my intentions to blogging about my life in general. That pretty much failed miserably. Experience has shown me, many times, that I am a very incosistent blogger, but for some reason I am always drawn back to blogging. I thought of starting a photo-a-day blog (which I still think is a very cool idea) on my 25th birthday a couple weeks ago, but then I had to face reality and admit to myself that there was no way I would keep up with that. But I still want to blog. So I thought of what I've been spending most of my time doing lately, and very easily came up with a new direction for The Wright Report: I will chiefly be writing about what I cook, bake, or otherwise create in the kitchen, with some splashes of life in general thrown in.

Ideally, I'll be back tomorrow with some chocolate salted-caramel cupcakes for you :)

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