Monday, August 24, 2009


I believe at this point we are all going to have to accept the fact that there will be no wedding recaps in this blog. It just ain't gonna happen. I am at least going to think about putting the wedding pics in an online photo album so my friends and family not on Facebook can see them :)

Anyway, Dan and I got a dog! Her name is Gigi and she is wonderful :) She's some sort of German Shepherd mix (the vet said maybe Border Collie--she looks rather Border Collie to me) and she's a little over a year old. We got her from the vet, who got her from an old lady (whose husband died, and she couldn't take care of Gigi), who got her from a shelter. Or a canal bank or something. Anyway. The vet said he suspects she wasn't socialized properly (since she lived with old people who couldn't take her out) and was possibly also neglected, and she is a little afraid of people (at least we're assuming that's why she makes herself look so mean). She barks when anyone new comes to visit (which isn't often), and at strangers when we go on walks. We've had her for a week and she's already gotten a little better about not barking at strangers on walks, unless they get way too close or are little girls. Barks her head off at little girls for some reason. Maybe the old people had an evil granddaughter. But back to the point. Aside from that, she's really, really good and quiet (which is a big plus since we live in apartments). And I love my doggie :)

I don't have super-fantastic pictures of her, but here are a couple so you can at least get an idea of what she looks like.


bekijoy said...

She's a cutie!!

Mrs. A said...

Awww congrats on Gigi, she is adorable! Love the fact that your not going into wedding recap mode, makes me not feel so bad about doing it either! haha